I’m currently working on the novel inspired by the short story ‘Beauty’ from The Wedding Plan stories. I’ve added a new page to the site called ‘Book Bites’, and you can check out an excerpt of the story there. 


Celia looked at Rob and thought for a moment. Then she said, “Why would you say that to me? You know what I’ve been dealing with at the job. I’m not a slacker, but these folks play games, and if you go in charging, you have to be prepared for all or nothing. I’m trying to hang in there and figure out how to handle Victoria. She’s got it in for me. I need an exit strategy first.”

“Nobody respects a *…ing writer anyway. I told you to get a real profession, go to law school, figure out something that will help give us enough money to start a family.”

Celia could have cringed at Rob’s hurtful words, but three years of marriage had made her numb to his abrasive style of speaking. Read More


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