Fatherhood Blog Offers Great Advice

Mocha Dad shares the truth about what makes a good man. His blog looks at the daily undertakings of being a dad. His blog is refreshing in its positivity and honesty. We don’t look for awards for doing what is right, but admitting the challenges and staying focused does require tenacity.

Here’s an excerpt from the article, which was published a few years ago, and some of the traits that this Howard University graduate has rightly named as key to becoming a person (man) of honor.

Men were made to be bold, strong, leaders. However, our society has attempted to repress these traits. If you look at the way men (especially dads) are portrayed on TV, you’d think we were all a bunch of irresponsible, befuddled, nincompoops, who can only function with the help of a “smart” female partner, friend, or spouse.

Consequently, many boys are confused and have no idea what it takes to be a real man. They seek inappropriate role models and emulate the bad behavior that they see on a regular basis.

It is our duty as men, fathers, and responsible citizens to counter these negative images and raise a new generation of men who are respectful, loving, and willing to contribute to society in a positive way.

If we are to achieve this goal, we must start with improving ourselves. I started my journey towards self-improvement after my daughter’s birth. The greatest compliment that a father can get from his daughter is “I want to marry someone just like you.” That kind of pressure forces you to examine your life and look for ways to improve.

In his article, 7 Traits of Real Men, MochaDad names integrity, compassion and confidence as his first three traits. Read more.


Love is in the air!

Watching the Democratic National Convention was a homecoming of sorts. I imagine most gathered around to hear the Obama administration have its say. There was lots of passion, a coming together of the powerful and disenfranchised.

Love is in the air. Americans are getting fired up. But will we storm the Bastille?

In times of trouble, true character emerges, and people also fall in love. In politics’ shining moments, there are lots of flags waving and lots of family photo ops. The family emerges, again, as the thumbprint of the nation.

To have our leader model a healthy, loving family environment is affirmation, instruction, therapy. It does seem like we need this more than ever. Today’s world is a scary place. I have avoided this admission because I thought maybe I was just too old, but I still think it’s scary. Technology has created this oh so close, but miles apart culture. So, I say, “Cheers!” to keeping things warm and fuzzy.

I think tough times have reminded us to be patient with one another. People are literally losing their lives to stress, and not just from heart attacks; many have become victims of someone else’s mental breaking down.

I like the notion of choosing love. I see people all around me who are building families; they are doing it gracefully and with joy.

Seeing President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle together is a beautiful thing to witness. There is a joinedness to them that an old married couple will recognize and that the unattached can sense is true.